Motor Fault bad detection

Hey guys so I got my motor from Torqueboards a couple of days ago. I was super excited to see that they have a new version out that dealt with some problems the older versions had. Big openings where there was no airflow, sturdier and overall just nicer. So 2 days ago I got to the detection of the motor and everything went smooth. Got botch vescs over canbus connected with a master and slave and both detections in FOC worked. So I got to riding it that day with full excitement. I noticed that I left my backtruck too lose so I got speedwobble. I turned arround and got back home because I forgot my T-tool. Note: there was no rain or debrey on the road. Next day I power my board on and all of sudden one motor cogs and stops. I got to thinking what I did wrong but I am 100% sure that I did nothing wrong in setting it up. I read tons of stuff from the forums so I had to be good on that part. First thought was to check the forums for a similar problem. Nothing. So I thought Since the motor is acting weird (smoke noise ratteling etc.) If i run the detection it should be good to go. So I ran the detection but it just wouldnt spin up and i new something is wrong. Changed vescs motor wires all that stuff to be 100% sure it the motor. Checked the wires and they are heatshrinked and there is no way that they could come in contact with each other. So then I thought maybe its the sensors. So ran a bldc detection sensorless. And then this happened.

Note: I have no idea how I could share this video so I made a link to a site where i can upload it its called Hope you guys dont mind.

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