Motor goes in reverse after remote pair

Hi all,

I have been some months without riding my board.

Now when I pair the remote the motor stars going in reverse without me pulling the trigger and when I trigger the pulling the motor stops until I release the trigger and then the motor starts to go in reverse again.

Any Idea what it could be the problem? ESC? Remote?

Salutations from Barcelona, Spain. Gonzalo

Sounds like the neutral spot has been lost/changed. On the VESC you can set it in the config, on some ESC’s you have to calibrate the remote. What’s kind of speed control or are you using?

I have this one:

So I guess that if I reset the VESC it will get fix, right?

Do I need a programmer card for that or there is another way to do it?

Found this with a quick Google search…

But it looks like you might need a programming card, I’m not familiar with that ESC.

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Many thanks Mike! I will try that

I guess that the problem is that something got unconfigured.

Best regards, Gonzalo

Most likely. Check around locally, you might find a programming card, and they are pretty inexpensive.

Finally I follow the instructions of the video an I fix it :slight_smile: It was really simple.

Any way I’m going to buy the programmer card because I have to modify the acceleration, now my skate goes like a wild horse just by pulling a little bit the trigger.

Many thanks your video fixed the problem :wink:

No worries, I help where I can. Let us know if u need anything else.