Motor goes in reverse

Hey there, just finished my build and came to take it for a spin and the motor was going in reverse. Anyone know what’s wrong?

Are you using a VESC? If not just swap two phase wires.


Switch any two of the 3 motor wires and run motor detection again


even if you are using a vesc…just switch the position of any 2 of the 3 phase wires

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If using a VESC it’s just a box you tick. You can switch one wire but then you’ll need to do the motor detection again.


ah…TIL…i havent used the vesc software i still use the bldc tool

Now that I think about it it’s only while running FOC that you’d need to redo the motor detection.

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Is there a way to reverse the motor rotation using software? Switching the phase wires seemed like a hastle. :peach:

I know there is a box to tic on the Vesc-tool firmware. Dont think so on the BLDC tool

Thanks, I just had the phase wires plugged in incorrectly.