Motor Grinding Gears? VESCx Fault. Motor doesn't move, makes horrible sound

I attached a video of my motor not working. It makes this horrible grinding sound and doesn’t move. After a few seconds the fault light (red light) blinks a few times. I have no idea what the issue is. Any help would be appreciated. I just finished the build and still haven’t rode it.

check all ur connections, especially phase wires, something similar happened to me due to a bad joint with the phase wire

Sorry, but what exactly is a phase wire or a “bad joint”?

Phase wires, the 3 wires that go to your motor from your vesc, bad joint, a bad solder joint/broken joint not allowing proper current flow

Have you setup your vesc before using it ???!

Also be sure to properly isolate you motor lead…

I’ve gotten it to spin properly before. I just tested the phase wires by pulling them stright so they weren’t so tangled and it worked perfectly… Not so sure what that means. Perhaps I should resoder the bullet connections on the VESC? @Pathaim

yes that might help, all i remeber is i had a similar problem and it was caused by a bad connection on a phase wire

To resolder them do you know if you cut off the current connectors and try again or do you melt the current solder and pull them off? I know you don’t remember much but if you had to do it again?

Try de-soldering them, then soldering them on again. Don’t cut the connectors off.

Also maybe bad fet?

This is a bad lead connection

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I have a feeling that I have soldered these on backwards. The male connectors aren’t completely covered when attached to the female. Could that be it? I’m definitely resoldering. I just want to make sure I know why.

Looks like it. The sleeve of the connector should fully enclose the pin.


Dang. Any tips on resoldering or should I just go for it. Heat up the connectors until it falls off? Should I order new female connectors?

I would use new connectors, I doubt you will ever get the inside sleeve of those bullets cleaned out enough to not be crazy hard to connect. To unsolder, remove the heatshrink/tape and heat the edge of the connector by the wire or if you can slip the tip of the iron into the connector.

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If you soldered the wires to the ends without the holes on the side there is nothing you can do but get some new connectors.

So I did use the side with the holes? Is that the correct side. It’s still possible I did a bad job?

Awesome thank you.

THe side of the connector that has the holes in it is the side you want to solder. If you soldered that side, see if you can figure out why the pin side wont slide all the way in.

On all the bullet connectors I’ve used the side with two holes is the side to solder the wires on. Best way to be sure you have them right is to connect them to the phase wires male connectors and see if they fit snug and slide flush with no gaps. Then remove them knowing which is the correct end to solder too.