Motor ground clearance

Just wondering what usually people get for ground clearance on their motors.

Include your wheel diameter and motor diameter so we can get a rough idea of what’s possible.

On my first build, I tried to max this out.

Using an NTM 50-60 (ie 50 mm diameter can) and 90 mm wheels, I was getting a ground clearance of about 45mm, with about 10mm clearance to the deck and 10mm clearance from the trucks. This was using v1 of my custom designed motor mounts.

My latest build is going to use Maytech 6355s (63 mm can diameter), with 83 mm wheels. With a clearance of about 10 mm to the deck and truck, I’m going to have about 30 mm ground clearance. Seems good enough, as this is super close to the ground clearance of the truck hanger with 83 mm wheels.

It’s certainly worth measuring wheel bite because it also could bite and put pressure on the rotor can (esp as the bushings age).