Motor howling and not spinning

Hello there, gentlemen! During my E-skate build, I faced a problem with my motors (see thelink to a video below, due to inability to post a video here). The main problem is that when one of the engines keeps spinning, the other makes a weird howling noise, but if you release the “forward” switch and then press again, they switch (so I believe it’s not a motor problem). I’ve tried to reconnect the phase wires, but unfortunately, that didn’t help much (( Does anybody know what may be the cause of such howling and how to resolve it? Thank you in advance!

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What esc and remote? What’s the motors?

The motors are BDUAV 6374 -170KV And the ESC is…quite a good question, actually😅 I have most of the specifications, but not the actual name of the board or manufacturer who made it

Send a pic of it

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Ah yes the Chinese esc that is oh so reliable until there not. . . Switch the motors and sensor wires to the other side and see if the sound moves with the motor or stays on that side

Never mind. Ramp up the speed slowly and watch what happens… Make sure remote is on high

I already switched the hall connectors, if I put it on high only one of them spins

So the main problem is that only one of them spins while the other makes that howling sound

Sorry I was busy.

Did you swap the phase leads also?

Yea, after swap, same motor not spinning?

Yup, doesn’t really work :frowning:

Ok so you swapped side to side? Phase wires with corresponding sensor wires? And one motor is not spinning?

Still, nothing changed - only one motor spins( I’ve tried to swap phase wires as well but nothing good came out of it :confused:

(This is what happens if I cross-switch phase wires:)

The phase wires in the sensor wires have to go to the same side don’t cross anything

That’s the thing - the hall sensor connectors are switched sides for some reason (“Made in China” is highly likely the reason for that)

sorry the picture is not great.

don’t cross them.