Motor is consistently cutting out after 10 minutes / 1 mile

Hey all,

After 10 minutes of riding (or after 1 mile), my motor starts to cut out (both power and breaking). If I give it a second, it’ll start to run in 5 second spurts, with delays in-between growing larger and larger. I’ve ridden it about 5 times (after tinkering each time), and it happens every time.

I’ve used the current VESC tool to program the VESC through the simple setup and I’m sure all of me entries are correct.

Also, I was planning to run a dual setup, but every time I run a detection on the second VESC, it immediately disconnects. I don’t know if this is related, but I’m just throwing it out there.

Please help.

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What version vesc do you have? If it’s a 4.12, a common issue is a temperature sensor with the wrong value, so the vesc thinks it’s hotter than it is, causing thermal protection to kick in. Check your realtime monitoring with the vesc on the bench, and you may see a mosfet temperature around 80C, where it should be in the 20s-30s.

What battery are you running?

More details help to understand the issue. VESC or Clone? Which model? Motor model? Temp sensor in motor?

Your issue is very likely motor temperature related. If you loose acceleration and brakes, it’s very likely a wrong temp reading.

Hey all, I have a new issue. After troubleshooting both vescs and motors, I got them to work for awhile… but when I started it the last time, it turned on then all the lights went out. The battery indicator, the power button, the VESCs, everything. After a bit, it turned on again (lights that is), but now the motors wont work.

The VESCs (BLDC ESC 4.12) and motor (MBoards 6374 180KV) are all from MBoards and recently bought. I purchased my battery (10S5P 18650 Lithium Battery Pack 36V, 10Ah, 360Wh).

Here are some pictures below.

20190716_213757 20190716_213830 20190716_213838

I posted again below as a new problem has arisen. As a result, I never got far enough to check my vesc on the bench. Thanks for the reply.

Sounds like the shutting off issue is battery related. Where did you get the battery from? What cells? What BMS, and is it bypassed or not?

I got it from Here are the states: 10S5P 18650 Lithium Battery Pack 36V, 10Ah, 360Wh. It states that the bms was built in. As for bypassed, I’m not sure what you mean. I’m currently using an anti spark switch? Thanks for responding.

Hi, I have a new issue which I wrote about below. Not sure if you get notifications when I respond. When I last turned it on, the lights flickered, then went out. The motors ran for a quick second, then nothing. For a while, the board wouldn’t turn on at all. About 5 minutes later it started up again, but now the motors won’t spin. Super disappointed and worried that I broke something…

All right, try bypassing the anti spark switch and see if that changes things. Just unplug it, and connect the vescs straight to your battery.

Hi, I unconnected it from the anti spark switch. Same thing happens. Everything powers up but the motors still don’t run. I do notice, however, that Everytime I hit the throttle, three red LED lights blink on the VESC. I imagine thats something important? Thanks again!

Try plugging the vescs into your computer and checking the error logs?

I’m sorry, but I’m not entirely confident I know how to do that. But this is what I see:

Capture Capture

3 blinking red leds means you have a fault code. Try replicating the issue and check for a fault code. Don’t disconnect the battery as this will wipe the memory and you will get nothing.

In the vesc terminal, type “faults”. Do this while the vesc is still plugged in and powered by the battery. Disconnecting the battery between when you get three flashing lights and when you plug in the computer and read the faults will wipe the memory and you won’t get any fault codes.

Sigh? Is my VESC done for? “FAULT_CODE_DRV”

Thanks so much, as I responded down below, I got this error code: FAULT_CODE_DRV. No good, right?

Here’s the whole thing… How’d I mess up?

Fault : FAULT_CODE_DRV Current : -0.6 Current filtered : 0.0 Voltage : 41.67 Duty : 0.000 RPM : -0.0 Tacho : 3 Cycles running : 2 TIM duty : 1 TIM val samp : 2 TIM current samp : 4200 TIM top : 8400 Comm step : 0 Temperature : 25.93

Yes, you’d have to get your drv replaced. it could be a number of things, like:

  • bad motor detection
  • bad/loose connectors
  • bad solder job
  • shorted phase wires
  • bad settings
  • bad battery
  • bad caps
  • switched setup without doing a proper reconfiguration

to name a few.

I think you’ve got multiple problems with your build, not just a DRV - That wouldn’t explain your lights going out. That was likely caused by any of the following: Bad BMS, bad battery connection to antispark, bad antispark, bad antispark connection to the rest of the electrical system.

My guess is your initial question of the motor cutting out after a short range was a thermal issue, or maybe a voltage setting? What are your battery cutoff start and battery cutoff end values set at?