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Motor is lagging?

I just setup my new board, I have a DIY 10s battery using Samsung lipos and am using 245Kv tacon 160 motor. I am running a VESC from chaka and I’m attempting to setup the VESC with the bldc tool. When I press the throttle, the motor seems to be lagging or jumping up and down, not too sure how to explain it. I tried so many settings and it just won’t go away. What am I doing wrong? Thanks. I wanted to just stick with default settings and it still does the same lag. Thanks again.

Edit: Sorry, should have placed video also. Here you go…

:point_right:t2::film_projector: please

Helps a lot

Also any setting screen shots so Vesc guys can see if there is a mistake

Sorry, I went ahead and uploaded a video also. You can hear the sound it makes.

Lol no link to video mate

Edit: oh I see :point_up_2:t2: up there

Ok I hear it … But let set up ur camera where the problem is… I feel like I’m a ghost looking over your shoulder …

So more detail in video…sound isn’t helping at all … Camera with motor and trigger in frame … Quick pulls and slow pulls…also hand spin the wheel…see if there is a sound…also inspect all pulleys and belt …check for rocks metal in belt and in motor with a flash light…tho it is very hard to see anything

Looks like that remote is pulsing, very strange. You might be able to confirm this by checking the realtime display in the ppm menu.

Also re-check yourself with this maybe