Motor is not responding to Remote

Here is how my connections are, I thought that everything was correct, can y’all tell me what you think I did wrong.

Diagram would be nice.

Make sure your connector going in to your receiver is the right way around and connected to channel 2

It is connected to channel 2 now and the right way would be the white wire to the left correct.

did you bind your receiver to your remote?

I thought that I did I might reset it and try again

Ok I tested it with a different Vesc and it worked, so I think the vesc is broken I bought it from @wolfgangcole

Had it working just before I sent it out so don’t blame this on me mate.

Go into your VESC tool. It’s not too hard to find out whete the problem is.

If the VESC is broken or your motor settings are wrong then you’ll get a red blinking light when you try to accelerate. If that’s the case you should read out the fault from VESC tool. This will tell you what’s wrong.

If you don’t get a fault/red blinking light it’s either your remote or app settings. Check what PPM signal the VESC gets. If it’s nothing then it is your receiver. If it is stuck on neutral (1.5 ms I think) even if you pull your throttle then it’s the pairing or your remote.