Motor is sparking and making smoke

Just like the title says my motor is sparking and smoking.

I have been having the worst luck building my electric skateboard and I am unsure why.


  • Torqueboards single motor mechanical kit
  • Electric Skateboard Motor 5055 280KV
  • 2x Zippy Lipo 5000 mah batteries
  • 1 Series connector
  • 120a FVT ESC
  • GT2B Controller

I have not actually ridden my board because so far whenever I have turn it on and tested upside down on the ground , the motor has been giving me issues. Sometimes it sparks or even begins to smoke, I’ve stayed away from even thinking to ride it in case of something really bad happens. It usually doesn’t start happening unless the motor has either been going for awhile or max throttle. When it does happen I immediately stop and turn it off. I have tried all wire connections from the ESC to the motor. This is also my third ESC because I thought it was an ESC issue. I have tried to programm my ESC to the lowest power settings and the highest ,Checked all voltages, Checked all batteries, Checked the motor and around it and the way its positioned .

If anyone could help me I would greatly appreciate it, Thanks.


Check your motor wire . I think that is wire Insulation broke

My e board also smoking at full punch too long. The smoking I think is max current reaction with the wire I think you can test you e board as RC car . If the rc car mod is in good function. Then you can stand on the board with safe speed

What do you mean test it as an RC car?

E board without person on it. Use you remote control

Making e board forward in full speed then braking

what zippys are these? 3s 5000mah? what motor is that? link?

Yes both zippys are 3s 5000mah The motor diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/electric-skateboard-motor-5055/

But the motor smokes and sparks without anyone on it. Why would adding weight to it make it any better?

alright nothing wrong with these… i would contact DIY and telling them about that motor, because it sounds like you have a short there.

I sent him a message a day ago. He hasn’t responded yet. Thanks for the help.

Could you post pics/video?

Also try the chat function on his site. He’s on pretty regularly and easy to reach directly that way.

Where are you located?

yep. definitely try the chat on his site. That man is literally buried under emails, the cost of being successful.

I live in Vancouver BC

If you are down in Seattle some time i could help! I might even have a spare motor you could replace…

a bit of a drive though!

If I can’t get this all sorted, I might take that offer haha. You ever come up to snowboard?

Yeah, used to get up there almost every year at least once (Whistler). It’s been a few years now. Keep meaning to get up there in the spring to paraglide Mt. Cheam… one of these days!

PM me if you want a hand and can swing down. Happy to help.

IIRC TB’s motor’s are sensored so make sure your have the motor wires connected in the correct order. Make sure the sensor wire is connected. Make sure you have the ESC motor rotation set to normal.

Here is the full setup:

Close up of the current ESC and the wires:

2nd ESC I tried (Wouldn’t connect to the motor/controller) :

1st ESC I tried ( Bricked when programmed )

So from the images I posted how would you connect it?