Motor issues with vesc

What motor are you using?

does it work with your controller?

6355 190 kv torque boards and i currently have no remote, just using keyboard on computer

is it becasue i put in the wring limits and amps for the motor and if so im using a 12s battery. what should i be doing

Try flashing the firmware to make sure. read the default configuration and start from scratch.

Your best bet would be to try to ask @torqueboards for the configuration file that you could upload. I am sure he has them for his motor. If you are lucky someone will send you their configuration file.

which firmware should i use

my vesc is 4.12 and fw is 2.18

it only gives me options for the hardware. should i do 4.12

can you post exactly what your setup looks like? take some screenshots of your bldc.

If you are looking at the folders then yes choose 4.12 and then VESC default .bin Make sure you did not choose wrong file because it will fry your VESC

ok now it just rebooted by itself

and here are some screenshots:

‘No App’ on App Configuration…?

thats what @Martinsp told me to do

What batteries do you have connected in? Just one or all of them?

2 6s in series

No he was saying to check that you don’t have that setting like that. Should be PPM

Is it just my internet being retarded or was the first link not a video? If it is not please send us a video along with what exactly your detection settings are (the three values so current mi erpm and low duty) that you used for that video

ok give me 10 minutes

uncheck the ‘send status over can’

that is meant only for if you’re running a dual motor