Motor locked up

I was coming up a gradual hill and the board started to slow down, which is normal. I stopped and picked the board up and the grinding noise in the motor progressed quickly into it being locked up. I can not turn it by hand or with the motor. I’m trying to load a video now.

Most likely a bearing…

Can you turn it by hand while the board is off?

I can not turn it at all!

Are 2 of the phase wires touching? If so you won’t be able to turn it.

Here’s the issue though… the drive pulley is pretty much permenantly attached to the shaft. So, can I remove the motor housing from the back?

Even with the power turned off and motor unplugged?

Yes even with all of those things. Your essentially activating a very very strong brake.

how do i release it?

Just make sure that the 3 phase wires coming out of the motor are not touching each other allowing electricity to flow through them (creating closed circuit)

Shorting the phase wires will make the motor act like the brakes are on but not so much that you can’t turn it by hand. I have experienced the problem that you are having and in my case it was rocks that got in the motor and jammed between the stator and magnets. Sometimes you can break them loose by carefully rotating the motor can back and forth in small amounts. If that doesn’t work, you will probably have to open the motor to get them out.

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@Namasaki had the closest answer. Apparently I ran over a rock that came into contact with the motor housing. The impact broke a magnet and the pieces ended up lodging in the motor.

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Might still work after you clean it out.

Well that is good news! I figured it was trash!

can’t say for sure but it’s worth a try.

Haha who has a broken Tacon for parts??

Any update?, same issue with a torqueboards motor, now it makes some noise

This is why u get sealed motors. Haha, hope u got it fixed :grin:

Yea, I’ve had that happen with 2 torqueboards motors, it’s sad. I was essentially just for sick of it and wrote them off after torque boards sent me a replacement can that was a manufactures sample and didn’t even fit my motor, which I paid for. Not to mention, the way it was machined, it was really sharp in the edges and had it worked could have done a number to someones finger. They used to have really good customer support, but I think its kinda over. I don’t mean to bash torque boards, the market determines the value, and I imagine the owner still has good intentions, I just personally am a bit dissatisfied.

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