Motor mount defective?

Why is this happening? This gap difference between the motor mount and wheel… The belt it is always touching the motor mount because it is not perfectly aligned 90 degrees with axis of the wheel… Tryied already everything. Any suggestions? Motor mount from protoboards. And by the way this belts they get loosed very very easily and I don’t have anymore room for fining tuning…

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looks like you used some material between the mount and the truck? Shrink tubing? Because of that, your mount is a bit wiggely and starts moving if you apply some force with the motor.

Is that even Caliber truck?

Actually I decided to use a bit of electrical tape because without it was even worse…

Yes, they are caliber trucks.

Electrical tape will get really gooey once the heat from the motor transfers through the aluminum mount and would probably slip around. You might be better off with heat shrink. I would clean them up and try that. I use heat shrink on Torqboards V4 mounts and no movement. Though I did buy new 12.9 hardened hex bolts for it to crank it down.

I second that. Don’t use tape. Your mount is slipping and uneven as it slides off center.

Looks like your pulley isn’t sitting flush on the wheel.

Yes, exactly what @Tarzan said…

  1. The wheel Pulley is not flush against the wheel. Alignment is very important. You will ruin belts if it is not correct
  2. As people have stated above; do not use electrical tape, shrink tube is your friend.
  3. You can move the motor Pulley a few more cm towards the end. This will put more of the belt on the wheel Pulley.

Several issues. Your mount is sitting on sticky rubber. You need to use something solid to shim the space. cut pieces of a soda or even soup can would be better.

Your mount plate looks bent. Could be from overtightening your belt. It only needs to be tight enough to keep the teeth from skipping.

You may have been contacting your mount or motor while turning.

I’ve heard many with original calibers and proper mounts having problems. I think there’s quite a lot of difference between caliber 1s, 2s, clones and also between painted or not. They may have tested them with a different version of the trucks

I know for a fact that these Enertion mounts fit tight on standard Caliber ll trucks and are rock solid.

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Huh? I have a protoboards mount and it fits perfectly

Guess I was too quick to judge. My apologies to Protoboards and my previous statement has been retracted.

I would say that problem is Calibers because those aren’t always as hi quality as could be expect…

I have a couple of caliber 2 trucks from different vendors with different colors and they are all different :smiley: Lot´s of mounts are designed to fit perfectly, but you can´t achieve that with so much tolerance on the trucks. So best thing is to have a mount with a bit of adjustment room to overcome this.


well, i think the main reason is the wheel pulley that is coming ut very easily due the belt tension… don´t know what t do. Should I return this wheel pulleys? They are both not fitting well enough.

Product description says “it will lock in place”, but that just isn’t tight enough. There should be bolts or bearing for proper attachment.

it is the wheel pulley. I have changed for a 32t aluminum and it fits great. Those plastic ones are a bit crappy…


Now the problem is that I don’t have 36t in aluminum…