Motor mount designs

Are each motor mounts specific to the type of truck and shape of motor, or are they all universal designs? For example, are the torqueboards and enertion ones the same…thx!

They vary. Enertions are simple and only for Caliber II’s. DIYes/Torqueboards’ is swapable to both Paris and Caliber iirc.

There’s also ADS, and @KorryH mounts…

lots of options. Then you can modify mounts for other trucks too… or make your own. I recommend sticking with Caliber trucks/mounts - keyed so they won’t rotate.

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Now how could I do this?

Check out my mounting brackets. I have both for mono drive and dual drive.

do those things turn? like I’m really curious, because physics says somethings gotta give.

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I would like to invite you to the topic … “Lets ride electric skateboard in a new way!”

No springs or gimmicky bullshit!


Basically you’re saying that the single motor is driving both wheels without a slip or differential…Personally I don’t think it matters much, but like I pointed out before Carvon has already done this and it was better thought out and functioned correctly.

I suppose the turning potential/radius has to come from the front truck, as the rear truck needs to be tight so that the rear wheels are locked at the same speed. Perhaps you could imagine the two rear wheels as one wheel. In theory it should work like a three wheel skateboard, but in practice one has to test it.

I try’d to argue this theory a long time ago. It was proven wrong by @sl33py I believe.

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I’d say it was proven wrong by Physics.


How many ft lb of torque does it take to pop a belt, shear a set screw or break an 8mm motor shaft. I’m sticking a fork in my eye. At this point it’s a lot less painful.


If there ever is dirt oval skateboard racing a live axle with stagger will be the ticket.


I know there are motor mounts for trampa/mbs, but I personally would like to see some more easily acquirable sets that can be found in the us…@psychotiller would this be something you would ever make?

Not sure really. I like what I’ve accomplished with my mounts and wheels. Longboarding is my main focus. 6" wheels are where it’s at!

Beside’s there’s a guy named @torqueboards making mounts for trampa trucks already in the USA.