Motor mount doesent fit onto the truck

Heyho ppl, i have a problem, my motormount cracked and fall apart so i got a new one. Problem is that it does not really fit. Now the big question is if i should make the truck fit by cutting/sawing it smaller.IMG_20181117_104752 IMG_20181117_104646

You sure you mount correct motor mount for the right truck. That motor mount looks like a caliber motor mount. This mount clearly won’t fit for trampa / mbs trucks.

thing is that i got it from the same person from wich i got the truck, he said that it will fit, maybe he got wrong order to wrong person.

Whered you get the mount?

Its not even for Caliber trucks. Caliber mounts are d shaped, not squared.

I second, where’d you get that mount?

got it from someone who works at mbs and made the board for me (here in russia)

put a quarter in the way and screw your screw into it and lessen the tension and put it where u wanna put it and then let it go and never move it again.

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I really dont think i can stretch it for the 4-5mm that i need xD

If you have means to remove the stub then remove it.

well i think thats the only option then. btw what is the lil screw for on the trucks ?

What screw

the one that is like 1,5 mm radius

That tells me nithing lol. If its near that stub, its for the hand brake

ohh yeah that makes sense thx xD

A file will solve a lot of problems.

lol that is actually what i wanted to do but i totally forgot the word for it

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If the product doesn’t fit it’s description, return it and get a correct one

i thought i was the only one that did this


Just file the inner side of the mount and you’re good to go

Anyone who has ever worked on a scooter compression clamp has done this trust me.

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