Motor mount doesn't fit

Hi guys! It seems that the motor mount from Hobbyking doesn’t fit my chinese 5065 270kv motor fron Wish. It will be very appreciated if you can help me fixing this.Anyone else that faced same problem? IMG_2349IMG_2347IMG_2350IMG_2348IMG_2346IMG_2351

Oh man… Didn’t check if it’d fit before buying?

It’s gonna be too much hassle to jerryrig that together. You’re better off buying parts that fit, especially if this is your first build. I’d suggest that you use a different mount.

Also is that a 3mm belt pitch? Oh it is isn’t it… I’m in class right now but I’m sure someone else in the community could elaborate on why that’s not a good idea.


looks like it´s a motor mount for 63xx motor size only. Looked up hobbyking website, but there they don´t give information to which motor size the mount should fit…

Yes, it is my first build and this motor mount was the third one that I bought since I started building my diy board. I checked but couldn’t find any information about the sizes on

Yeah, probably it is. There is no information on

Come on man cut yourself a break and do some research. You could have asked the community and you would have been told it won’t fit.

I’m not experienced in OTC motor mounts since I always make my own, but someone more experienced can suggest a good one that’ll fit.


maybe you could make an adapter or something if its worth your time and $

I assume this gent ended up with these parts to make it cost effective. There’s a lesson here!

One that I personally failed to learn haha. One board and 4 sets of mounts at home


How much was the motor on Wish? KV is high for a single drive DIY if that’s what you’re making. HobbyKing Keda motor is dirt cheap and fits.

What voltage are you running your setup? Motor KV seems to be bit high and why did you choose HTD-3M belts over 5M belts?

The motor + shipping(Sweden) = 89$. I’m not sure if it is really 270kv and 1800 W but this is what the specs say. It’s a dual drive system.

I have four 3s lipos in series so the voltage is about 43 V. The belt came in a kit with the motor polly and wheel polly so that is why.

What size is that pulley it looks really long but it may just be a camera playing tricks

19 mm long

That could be the reason that is super long for a 15mm belt

This mount will not break your bank.

HK mounts are 63 only and won’t work for a dual drive unless you go diagonal. They are handed mounts. Please don’t use 3m belts either they will slip and slide all over the place and if you use steel pulleys on the motors the belts will wear out very quickly.

Wait 3x4=12s and 270KV? What esc are you using? If you going with the old Vescs make sure you get a fire extinguisher too!

Lesson here is that trying to SAVE money making an esk8 ends up costing you MORE than if you do it right the first time. Even if they all fit, longevity and reliability will show very quickly with cheap parts

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I have had a 50mm motor on this mount, only used 3 screws and washers. Like your last picture, I actually used the wrong motor mount holes but it worked for me. IMG_20180905_002329 This motor is also not made for the mount but it works.