Motor mount for Caliber II trucks

Hey. I’m looking for a motor mount for caliber hanger. Location: UK Preferably adjustable in length, angle and motor size 63xx and 50xx. I could buy a new one exactly as needed for 50£(shipping included) from Alien. But looking for cheaper one if possible. If there’s someone with a mount they don’t need, send me pics and price. Just don’t offer me one for 49,99£ ahahaha

Have a nice day

That’s what I wrote in my description.

I have a complete enertion k2( 2014 )dual drive kit, with 15/36 pulleys and 9mm belts. Have Look, if you like it PM. ?

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good website but for the same amount of $$ Alien mount is better

Looking for a caliber 2 mount aswell. Can’t find the Alien one you mentioned? :slight_smile:

alien i can find but if i can get cheaper, it’s better

Would you mind posting a to Alien’s Mount? I cant find it.

Currently updating it with the V2 clamp piece that is a 2 piece set instead of the set screw collar that slips over. It would end up being about 38£ shipping included.

That would bem great but when would it be ready for shipping?

A few weeks tops. If you are willing to wait I promise it would be worth it :slight_smile:

I saw your original post and remember that you explained all the details of mount and that you listen to suggestions and feedback. So I can wait for couple weeks. If my opinion helps, would it be better, easier and easily replaceable to have a clamp with bolts & nuts instead of threaded clamp?

that’s what hes doing. No more threads. Nylock nuts 4 lyfe

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Awesome. frikin 10chars!

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