Motor mount for my 180 Paris trucks

Hi all, I’m trying to find a decent motor mount that would fit my Paris trucks. I came across this but I’m not sure they’re still available. Alien Drive Universal

I also came across a welded on mount.

Totally open to any suggestions. I’d also like the motor behind the wheels if that makes a difference.

Thanks for the help.

Not anymore. You’re about a year late with the Paris mounts unfortunatly vendors stopped selling them to my knowledge

Figures, I’m always late!

So am I hosed on the Paris trucks or is there another drop in style truck you’d recommend?

The mounts are now sold through Alien Power System. I ordered the exact mount you pictured about a month ago for Paris trucks.

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Almost everybody use Caliber 2 184mm 50deg.

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I’m out right now but my ripba mount fits paris trucks. (very slight filing where it sits on the hanger.) I’ll have more in stock soon. -End of the month

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Here is another option: