Motor mount for Paris truck

Hello everyone, I have motor mounts to fit Paris truck. These mounts will work for wheel size ranging from 83 to 107+ mm. The clamp is 3/8" (~10mm) thick, the motor arm is 3/16" (~5mm) thick with integrated dual idlers. This mount can be fitted with 50xx or 63xx motors by any manufacturer. The price is $50 per set. It includes 1 clamp, 1 universal motor arm and all stainless hardware.

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Set screws?

am i going to see a third thread for the same guy selling the same mount with a different ring for a different hanger next?

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Wouldn’t you think is easier for people to search for a mount specific to a hanger?

no the correct way is to make one post sating you offer many different clamp shapes

Who is to say what is the correct way?

just saying be careful. Flooding the market threads with similar products will leave a bad taste in our mouths. We tend to ignore spam, until we get tired of it and excise it, so tread thoughtfully.