Motor Mount for Sidewinder Trucks

i’ve been browsing around ebay for my trucks/wheels/mount, and i came across this and this. Would they be compatible? it looks like the mount is made for paris trucks or something of that nature but i think it could fit

and before people get on my ass (they usually do on /r/longboarding so i assume they will here too) about using sidewinders: i really like the carvy/swoopy feel of sidewinders and carver c7s (the trucks i run on my main cruising deck, and would be using for this if i could find a mount for them) because i feel like it gives me more control and more ability to dodge people and obstacles on the streets of New York. Perhaps more importantly, i’m so used to my C7s that anything else (i have paris trucks on my DH/FR board) feels sluggish and unresponsive by comparison. It’s just more practical for cruisers

thanks a bunch guys!

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Go for it! Who cares what they say. I’m sure there is way to force them together with grinding, drilling, jb weld, shims and epoxy. Enjoy

I agree, screw em. If you work at it you can make it work First think you need is a grinding wheel and a side grinder so you can shape the truck hanger to fit the motor mount you decide to get. I would just make a 1 piece out of stainless steel if it were me. The you could just make a flat spot on the hanger and bolt the hell out of it. Just make sure it’s straight but horizontally and vertically or you skip belts, tear belts, etc.

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Im gonna just leave this here.


sweet truck~~ quite nice to direct weld on the truck and motor face outer like evolve. i am thinking to change my caliber to sidewinder too, but not sure can fit two sk3 6354 or not.

Hate to be a party pooper but, Sidewinder trucks are not recommended for high speed skating because they are not stable at high speed. Matter of fact, I was just talking to a fellow surfer at the local break who told me that he crashed on his evolve board because of a high speed wobble. So my advise is to go with trucks that are designed for high speed down hill longboarding like Caliber II. By the way, I did own a pair of sidewinders that I used on my first board (not an e-board) After giving up on the design, I removed the center knuckle and bolted the hanger directly to the base plate. They worked much better that way, still just for cruising at low speeds.

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@benwong I faced the motor back like evolve because it was the only way to clear the second kingpin in the trucks… it was either that or have a really long motor bracket…

@Namasaki I have ridden the sidewinders at 38km/h regularly and there is no problem at high speed. I actually really like them because you can carve tight at low speed and still be stable at higher speeds. if anything I did feel a tiny oscillation while ridding over these: but other than that super stable at high speeds and low speeds.

seem like good review, make me more feel to using sidewinder, but the problem is hard to mount the motor instead of direct welding. if i only install on front truck, will it improve some turning radius?

only one sidewinder? never done it myself… but it might work.

if you don mind, can help me do this experiment? and tell me the result… haha… if not i have to order truck from oversea as singapore din`t sell.

ill see what I can do…

that is a freakin’ pretty board! nice job dude!

i don’t have access to any kind of welding (unless i can get it done professionally? how much does that usually cost?) but i am interested in the process for how you got that done. How did you make your mount? how do you tension it? how did you get it welded?


I don’t understand the hate sidewinders get. People complain about speed wobble but 99% of the time, speed wobble is caused by the rider. Once you get used to the sidewinders, they become just as stable as any other trucks. I regularly hit 42 km/h on my Evolve GT and never had to worry about wobble. You just get used to it over time. If anything, the guys over at Evolve have hit 70 km/h without an issue - its all in the weight distribution and being relaxed.


Yeah I agree… people really need to learn to skateboard before jumping on a motorised death stick.

@faithfulpuppy I make all my mounts by hand and weld them myself. it is tensioned with an idler pulley as I do with all my builds these days.

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do you have a guide on how to do that? can it be done with a power drill, angle grinder, and dremel? those are the only power tools i have.

I literally use a drill, a dremel, a hack saw, and a file to make my mounts.


dope! i think i’ll do this then. Thanks!

Hey dude, is that a tension bearing I spy?

Yeah man I’m an OG of the idler bearing.

Every mount should have one.

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hey Man do you think you can make me a motor mont if I sent you my trucks ill pay ya text me 2534950983