Motor mount for Tacker truck? Electric firing my slalom set up

I went electric in the spring and have realized that there are no turning back :slight_smile: If possible I am looking at electric firing my good old slalom set up. It has a rear Tracker truck. Do you guys no of a motor mount that will fit that truck?

That’s a sweet setup! Im not an expert, so i won’t weigh in too heavily, but it looks to me like you might have difficulties adding a mount and pullies to that truck given that it really doesn’t have much room. It’s a very short distance wheel to wheel.

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Yep thats the next thing. I need new wheels and the flywheels I think I will get leaves more room. But still it might be a problem. I just see people electric firing penny boards and the like, which don´t have much room as well.

I’ve seen people mount motors on penny boards, but i think in every instance they custom made a mount. I don’t think it is impossible but i think you might have to make the mount yourself or commission someone to do it. Also you will have to belt sand down the drive wheel some to give clearance for the wheel pulley.

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Maybe I could just make it front wheel driven, as the front truck is a bennet which has a square hanger.

Cool I will have that in mind.

what of using a different (wider) truck in the rear ? That might give me you way more options on mounting and wheel pulleys.

Edit. Scratch that, it will affect your riding experience.

I have the same setup. Going to be tight but I think it can be done if you weld a mount on them.


Yeah… and I like the idea of “just” make the exiting set up electric.

Of course… welding. That should be possible. Do you think I can use a mount from somewhere or do you think I need to make a special one?

Definitely a custom job. I think a rear facing mount could be made that threaded into the backside of the hanger. I did a little mock-up with some scrap aluminum. Would need to be a pinion/spur type drive

Cool Thanks! I will start looking in to how to come around this. Think I will start by getting the wheels (abec 11 flywheels 76mm) the pullys and the motor and then see how I will make the mount. When you write Pinon/spur you mean something like this right?

And I guess I need as small (physically) a motor as I can find, which still can do what I want it to do.

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Now that I am looking at it again I think you will need to use a belt drive. Need some clearance to get the motor up away from the road.

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Think I have seen People put the motor on the other side of the truck in their penny set up. I hope I will be able to put it there.

You will probably need to weld it to go forward facing. I think these are clean castings so it shouldn’t be too hard to lay a good bead with a tig welder.

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yep i was about to suggest just that. A fat short can and a mount right next to the king. Might work. You may need a longer mount to keep the can off the other wheel, it may also let you run a bigger can if you go that way.

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I was able to mount a clamp style mount that attaches to a steel pipe that’s epoxied onto the truck @whitepony style. These are trucks are about 125mm wide.


Great yet another option. Do you know if there is a link to the epoxy whitepony-style? He’s has a lot of threads out there :slight_smile: What mount were you using and did you modify it? Are your truck a Tracker as well?

This is great… I will be dialing in the specifics on and the battery I want to build and the motor, and then begin to order parts and see if I can make it happen.

think this is where he did it

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