Motor mount for Tacker truck? Electric firing my slalom set up

The link @GrecoMan posted is the method I used. The clamp I used torqueboards mount that are no longer made but there are other mounts from forum members that look good.

What I learned from my mini board is hobbywing max 6 is a powerful esc but the brakes are to noisy. Focbox is not as powerful at the same setup(8s). So now with focbox I’m thinking of going with a 12s2p 30q battery and fitting the hightest reduction possible. Probably 14/38 or lower. Also might have to expose the heatsink from the focbox to get some better cooling.


Thanks more reading to do :slight_smile:

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Thanks - this is helpfull

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When choosing a belt I guess I should go for 9 mm because of more space. But would it be better with 15mm when I am aiming for a single drive. On Alien Power systems page they say 9mm: Suitable for single drive dual diagonal drive and dual drive on same truck. And 15mm: Suitable only for single drive or dual diagonal drive.

Go 15mm 100%. Space is tight but that’s what I’m running. Less chance of belt skip and less chance of breaking a belt

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