Motor Mount for Trampa Spring Trucks (Infinity/Vertigo) & Hypa Pulleys

Hey guys,

I’m an engineer from Germany and I developed a dual motor mount for Trampa spring trucks. Looks like this:


  • truck adapter ring and rods from 7075 aluminium
  • motor plate from stainless steel
  • fits 63 motors up to 10mm shaft
  • adjustable mounting angle
  • dual idlers for high gearing reduction

I have 4 sets for sale but can produce them again if the interest is there. Unfortunately I cannot run the latest version my own because I’m still waiting for the right belts…

But latest prototype looks like this:


Changes from there to the final version:

  • length of the motor plate reduced by 10mm
  • motor plate a bit thinner

Some more pictures of the mount:

IMG_5228 IMG_5230 IMG_5233

Also I designed some pulleys for the Hypa wheel. Looks like this:

IMG_5235 IMG_5236 IMG_5237


  • variable size (everything from 64T up is possible.
  • 60mm M4 screws to use with the original nuts
  • meant for 15mm belts but wider wouldn’t be a problem
  • printed with PLA+

The files for the pulleys will be available on thingiverse soon. If you need someone to print, I can to that for you :wink:


  • 125€ for the complete motor mount with idlers
  • 15€ per hypa pulley

Message me for your desired gearing, I might have the right belts for you as well!



Those motor plates looks really thin.

They are 4mm in the final version. The 5mm from the prototype is just overkill. No way to bend the plates, they are rocksolid :wink:

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Looking good! :slight_smile:

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Interested, just had my V1 Unik mount snap on me, so I’m looking for an upgrade. Something more stiff and with bracing. Do you still have any left?


sure! just pm me. :wink:

Hey, do you have pulleys for superstar rims? I am looking for a motor mount, online so I am trying to browse around everything.

Unfortunately not as I do not have superstar rims on my own to test…

Version 3 is here! :slight_smile:

Upgrades which were made:

  • new idler system consisting just of bearings
  • bigger cutout for APS motors