Motor Mount for Trampa Vertigo/Ultimate AT Trucks #2

I am selling a set of motor mounts for Trampa Vertigo/Ultimate AT Trucks. This is an advanced prototype, fully functional. You can add an adjustable belt tensioner (idler) with a M6 screw and 2 bearings. It’s a perfect fit for the trucks The mount is very sturdy and it works perfectly with a 450 belt, you can also adjust the tension of the belt by moving the motor up. It comes with black covers. I am asking 140 usd


Motor mount set for Trampa Vertigo Trucks (you will just need 8xM4 40mm screws) + Black Motor and belt covers

I can include 2 HTD 5 450mm belts for 20 USD


I am working on a new version of the motor mount for my e-Mountainboard and I am selling my previous prototypes and also some motors and ESC:

Esc enclosure: 35 USD 2 SK3 245kv motors (100 USD) 2 Emax EZRun Max6 ESC already configurated (200 USD) Previous version of the motor mount with covers: 130 USD

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I’ll take esc box…

its this one IMG_20171030_114023

for two EZRUN MAX6. the one on the picture above is a protoype for two FOCBOX. It’s not done yet

Are the motor mounts still available?

Yes still available v1 and v2

I pm’d you about buying a pair

I found this set up on Instructables. I’d but the ESC housing and Motor mounts if there still available.

Yes it’s me on instructable

The esc enclosure is sold but I can print it again Which esc you have ?

are the mounts good for like the spring trucks with the little notch on them

It’s made for the spring trucks and yes work well