Motor Mount Help

Hey guys I was wondering if this would be a good motor mount. Thanks!

I wouldn’t get this myself, because you constantly have to be sure your motor stays in place to keep the belt tight enough. The idea is cool but I don’t see it working out that well…

Do you think I could get it welded on instead of using the screw on part?

I wouldn’t try welding your motor to the mount, because of the interns of the motor being exposed to heat this way. And it could cause potential balance issues.

I used that exact kit for a couple of months with a 50mm motor. I had some slippage but if u drill the trucks and put a longer tap screw in the mountains you won’t have any trouble. It is NOT good for 60mm motors, it will bend. Mine bent the 1st day with a 60mm 190kv motor.

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No, welding the motor mount to the trucks.

Thanks, did it slip when it was put on the trucks?

If i used this motor do you think it would be fine.

It did, a little. But if you drill the trucks it won’t move.

Nope, too much torque. It will bend, the aluminum is too thin at the spindle.

Thanks for the feedback

Do you think this one would work?

It looks like it would, but I didn’t read it all the way through. I will this afternoon and let you know.

That one is for a 50mm motor too. I don’t see one o. eBay for a 60mm motor.

Check with @korryh, he makes good mounts that are cheaper than most others.

S[quote=“Gabriel_Robinson, post:7, topic:12995”] welding the motor mount to the trucks. [/quote]

While I’m no expert in metallurgy, it is my understanding that welding the mounts to the trucks will change the hardness of both and without proper heat treating and given the stress and vibration they probably won’t last long. Besides, you would have to strip off any finish in and around the weld joint and you would have to build a fixture to insure proper alignment during the process. The job would not be cost effective for a weld shop to do just one set. You’d be better off with caliber ll trucks and mounts from enertion or torqueboards

I’d just go a screw on mount instead of welding, but that’s just my point of view.

thanks for the advice

Yah thats a good point. it probably would end up costing more than a real clamp on motor mount.