Motor Mount on Quest Longboard

I have recently purchased almost everything for my build, (all electronics and skateboard) but still need to mount it, and get pulleys… I am proficient in 3D Modeling from using my 3D Printer, but am having a terrible time modifying the motor mount design from enertrion (free download off of their site) to fit my trucks. They have a triangle from the axel to the mid point… Can anyone help me out of give me some tips?!! Much appreciated!!

Here is the board I bought -

Here is the motor mount I am trying to modifiy to fit the Quest trucks -

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks, JLabs

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Those trucks have a tapering hanger, which will make mounting a clamp-style motor mount very difficult.

I have the same board, and honestly, the trucks it comes with are complete garbage… I wouldn’t even bother trying to mount a motor to them. You could get new bushings which might help, or (in my opinion) you’d be much better off getting some paris or caliber trucks if you want a clamp on motor mount.

Sorry if that comes off as somewhat mean, as that wasn’t my intention- I just know I wouldn’t want to be all hyped up after building an eboard only to realize that the trucks aren’t at all usable.

Ok, and no it didn’t sound mean at all. Do you think a weld on style word work? Thanks for the input!

Id just get the Caliber or Enertion trucks and use an unmodufied motor mount. They’re definitely worth it.

a welded mount would definitely work after you scraped off the black paint on the truck (only have to do that in the spot you intend to weld obviously)

@lowGuido uses welded motor mounts on all of his boards, and has used a plethora of different trucks.

The design i have alwaysed used is the same simple design on all trucks. This is it. Because I weld it it doesnt really matter what brand or shape truck I use. It is not too dissimilar to this picture i found. You would definitely need to rub the black off first before you weld though.

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@JLabs I agree with @cmatson and @mattdig. If you know how to weld and have access to all the require I’d say go ahead and weld one on. Failing that, caliber 2s are $44usd on Amazon and @psychtiller, @longhairedboy, @torqueboards, and @onloop all sell mounts that will work for you.

That said; I use taperd trucks (Paris 195mm) and I am using a bolt-on mount with good success.

Ok do you possibly have the file u used to CNC the mount? It would be really helpful. Also when welding aluminum (assuming that’s what the trucks are) do you only use a heat shrink… what do you do different between regular welding and welding the aluminum trucks? Thanks!!

Hahaha CNC? I wish! just hack saws and hand files here! as for welding aluminium, I don’t have a TIG either so I use MIG and brazing to attach them. if the truck is round then I MIG the brackets into place and then braze to finish it off if the truck has a “D” shape then it is not possible for the bracket to rotate on the hanger then just brazing is enough to hold it on. make sense?

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If you’re going to use those trucks, which is sounds like you shouldn’t as they seem to be poor quality, as they’re tapered, you can just file down the aluminium to create flat spots for the clamp to seat properly using a flat metal file.

Hi. Thanks for the advice @darkkevind and @lowGuido

So you wouldn’t recommend brazing on a round truck? Brazing not strong enough to counter rotational force?

Appreciate the time and input.