Motor mount open source

hello do someone have the drawings of enertions open source motor mount? d file is not available on anymore:( or any other motor mount with mesurements.

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Go to check out and check out for that open source drawing. You will receive an email with the drawing.

I have posted the files for the mount I made here. There is also a few other threads with mount files in them

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¨thx what program can i open this file with?

I think thats Autodesk 123design? can anyone convert the 123dx to .sat, .step or .3dm? i tried doing this trick but it didnt work.

123d design

I can save it as a step… do u want me to?

Yeah that would be awesome, thanks

Ok give me a little bit. I will do it asap and let u know

Ok, I updated the zip to include the STEP file.

Hey pretty awesome! but the link doesn’t work anymore :frowning: