Motor mount options: adjustable or not?

Hello, I’m designing motor mount for my caliber trucks and then I’ll cut it out with my CNC machine. Which design is better for mounting on caliber trucks? 1st:

Or 2nd: I’d prefer first, because you can adjust angle between board and mount. If I’ll choose 2nd, I need to know angle. Anybody knows, how much angle should be between board and motor mount?

Hi, this is just an opinion. Since you are designing for yourself you should be able to choose the angle beforehand. If it’s to other people or you plan to use the same mount design with different trucks or longboards, you should have an adjustable mount. My 2 euro cents. :slight_smile:

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yeah i’d rather have the first option personally. IT would allow you to optionally have rear mounted motors and possibly even use drop through decks as well.

The adjustable angle seems pretty nice, but don’t forget about the vibrations while you’re riding. You wouldn’t want your motor to suddenly start scrapping the streets as you ride. Be sure to have some kind of locking mechanism.

ps. What drawing tool did you use ? does it work well ? I’m tryng out sketchup …

Designspark Mechanical. Yes, it’s fantastic and more professional than sketchup. One more pic without ring:

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