Motor Mount Please help

Hi Guys i have some serious problems with finding a motor mount that fits my Paris 180mm trucks

I have bought this mount for my 6364 motor. But because of the bolts the mount wont get close enough to the pulley so the shaft is to short other wise it will hit my 15mm 5m 36T pulley.

What mount can you recommend or way to fix this. Fixable ways is best since i have spent the money already.

I live in europe.

Change the bolts to countersunk screw head bolts and countersink the motor mount plate, then it’ll get close enough.

would love to see a pic =)

Try flipping the mount over…so the truck clamp is closer to the wheel pulley than the motor plate, the truck clamp should fit inside the pulley…Other way you can buy longer motor shaft and with a little work and some locktite you can change it :slight_smile:

You have made quite commone mistake when you cought the cheapest motor mount possible…if you would asked anyone here he would have told you not to buy this shit…

you can also get HTD5 pulleys and use 12mm or just 9mm belts :slight_smile:

You’d also need to flip them around. Put the nuts in the holes and screw from the other side…

Another alternative is to put the mount in a vice and shape it in such a way that it puts the motor closer to your pulley.

I have this mount and it didn’t let me place the motor (63xx) close enough to the trucks, so that i could fit the belt. The problem is this mount is actually made for 50xx and i think 53xx(?) motors (don’t take me for granted, idk). So i solved it by drilling those holes, where you screw motor in, longer. I hope its understandable :slight_smile:

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Im pretty sure this has been made for 63mm motors since the end is removed.

The biggeste problem with turning it is that the Paris trucks grow bigger des longer up the shaft i get on the motor. I only got the pulley to be 20mm in diameter so i cant fit the clamp inside

If you have a mount suggested for 180mm paris trucks in europe please link

The end doesn’t matter. What matters is the space towards the trucks. But sorry, i don’t have any experiences with paris trucks.

I have this motor mount. I was able to use it with a hdt5m 15mm belt by placing the motor arm on back of the round truck clamp. I have to use some little pieces of aluminum can to make the truck clamp tight. The problem with this mount is that he round thing that connects to the truck is not adjustable and would not secure tight on the the truck. The screws that came with the mount is useless. The pro is that its cold hard steel and cheap.

Hi sorry for slow answer. Can you send picture?


Thanks but how do you mount the belt with thoose 3 bolt sticking out?

I have a 40 teeth pulley so it was large enough to cover and clear the bolts. My gear system is 15/40 and a 285 belt.

Hi. Ididn’t want to create new post so I will ask here. I just get turnigy motor mount. And holes on it does not fit to motor holes. If I use just 2 bolts will this be enough? Or does anyone have any other idea what can I do about this. 06

Hey there @Felixxx (this may also help you too @nikoli280) I use those exact Turnigy motor mounts Felixxx has in pic with dual rear motors (5065 140kv) on 180mm Paris trucks, which are insanely round and smooth, and they are freaking fantastic and rock solid! Not to mention dirt cheap :upside_down_face:. However, they do require some slight modification. I believe the outcome is well worth the effort though. I have htd5m-15-280 belts on 15t motor pulleys and 40t wheel pulleys. The only exposed obstacles on these Turnigy mounts are the screw heads of the motor mount screws which are basically negligible & which allow me to have them mounted only about 1/4" from the ends of the hanger where the axle is exposed (in comparison, it looks to me like the mount in @Wilsonliang777’s pics is at least 2’ from the end of the hanger) and this is what allows me to put dual motors on the 180mm rear trucks. I too only have two of the four motor mount holes line up on this mount and thats where one of the mods comes into play. You first want to get your setup where you want it ie: get your mounts bolted onto your trucks how you want them (at the angles you need and distance from wheels you need) then mount your motor(s) to your mount(s) with your desired belt tension, just dont over-crank everything down or try to get it completely immovable yet. When it’s all in place, mark the motor mount(s) where your motor mounting screws sit on them (I lightly scratched around the screw heads with an alt), then mark you truck hanger the same way where the motor mount(s) make contact with them. When you’re finished, take it back apart (take the motor(s) back off the mount(s) and the mount(s) back off the truck. Now get yourself a roundded edge file and rough up the mount(s) where the motor mount screws make contact with them. Next file 2 to 4 flat spots (I filed 3 spots) as wide as the Turnigy mount(s) on your truck hanger where the mount(s) make contact with them. These filings will give your motor mount screws extra strong grip on the mount(s) (which you will especially need if you’re like me and are only using 2 motor mount screws) and will give your mounts some nice flat spots for the mount(s) to sit on and grab hold of those slick/round Paris truck hanger(s). Voila! Rock solid, light weight motor mount(s) that don’t budge or break your budget, that work even on Paris trucks and even if you only have 2 motor mount screw holes line up on your mount! I should note that I also use red thread locker on my motor screws to prevent them from vibrating loose (if you ever need to remove them just hit em with a torch for a minute). I ride on all terrain such as loose gravel, dirt trails, broken concrete, & pot holed asphalt. I ride over curbs, rocks, pine cones, road debris, tree roots etc… And I ride in all weather including pouring down rain, through gigantic mud puddles as well as occasional snow/hail and it’s been over a year now and neither of my mounts or my motors have slipped or come loose not even once! Well ok once, but I landed full weight (I’m 225lbs) right on one of my motors on top of about an 10" jagged rock but that completely smashed the motor (good thing I have 2) and tore it completely off the mount, so that doesn’t really count lmfao. Anyway, hope that helps get you (or anyone else) on the road and riding with the equipment you already have even if it’s all you could afford or even if you’re a noob and didn’t know any better when you bought it. Riding is fun! Don’t listen to the snobs or let them discourage you. You can ride solidly with all kinds of different equipment, it just takes a littlle ingenuity & work, not a crap ton of money. Cheers, Good Luck, & Getcha Ride On!