Motor mount problem?

Hello guys. I just got my enertion truck wheels and motor mount. The problem is that when i attach the mount to the wheel is too big and cant lock it in…

I saw some post saying i need to cut the trucks… but someone else said they will bend. Can someone suggest me a solution? Or at least point me in the right direction?

Thank you.

One side of the enertion truck has a longer axle. Double check you are on the right side.

@lox897 Thanks i did not realise the axle is a bit longer… but still is not enough… the outter bearing is right on the thread and the wheel has a wired wobble…

If you have Enertion trucks they should already be cut to fit the enertion pulley as far as I know. If you have real calibers or other caliber clones then one side of the truck needs to be cut to accommodate. Hope this helps.

Can you post a picture of all the parts you are using?

You don’t attach the mount to the wheel. Do you mean the blue pulley? I had a similar problem (I think), I didn’t insert the pulley all the way in. It would be helpful if you could take a pic of your pulley inserted to the wheel.

I will post some pictures when i get home… Yes is the blue wheel pulley

And is all the way in … plus everything is from enertion … the blue truck the wheels and this pulley

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Ok in this img you can see how much thread is left after i add that pulley.

Here you can see that the pulley is all the way in and also on the axle

I could try to add the nut and keep the wheel in place but when i spin it it has a wabble… wondering if is from the blue pulley or the fact that is not all the way in … the wheel by it.s self spins just right …

Any opinions ?

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you need to cut the trucks. this has been covered many times. no if’s no but’s. just Cut.

My pulleys wobble slightly as well. Guess that’s due to the “tolerances” of both, clone wheel and pulley.

But you definitely need to cut the hanger about 6-7 mm. I did it with a hack saw. Just get a caliper (vernier) and mark/scratch the hanger where you wanna cut it Then saw along the marking. Turing the hanger quite often leads to a really nice cut. Stop to cut when you the cutting sound changes then you reached the axle. Finally, get a spanner which fits between the flat parts of the hanger and turn it from the axle. Easy.

@anon42702729 please check this video. Is that much of wobble normal ?

I still think that if i add the belt to the motor with this much wobble it will kill the belt faster.

I don’t know what is wrong here… everyone is saying that enertion is a good company with top products and that they are amazing etc… and till now i only had problems every time with every thing…

That wobble should stop when you put together yor wheel correctly. I’d recommed you to contact enertion support, if your wheel and pulley doesn’t fit all the way in. But fastest way is to cut itself that hanger like lowguido and buddys said.

My wheels do wobble about this much. Had exactly the same setup, Enertion wheels and pulleys. The wheels are fine but I bet using proper brand wheels (e.g. Abec 11) may reduce the wobble. I had some issues with this wheels and bearings but this is another story. Can’t say much about the riding performance over time since I tested my setup only a couple of times. Raptor users should have the same issue … maybe ask one of them?

@anon42702729 what problem did you have with wheels and bearings ? … so far i only had issues with everything from enertion…

Swiss Bones plastic spacers were too short and the whole wheel wobbled on the axle (after tightening the nut). Solution: used metal spacer from a cheap skateboard. They are a bit longer and since replacement the wheel doesn’t wobble anymore along the axle. Nothing dramatic …

alright tnx for the info is always a good thing to keep in mind. and all advices are welcomed since i. new to this

I did a quick test attaching just the pulleys to the motor (no wheelz). Both pulleys spin perfectly and there is no wobble noticeable. But when attached to the wheels they wobble significantly. Once I get my Abec 11 flywheels I will let you know how this goes …