Motor Mount & Pulleys

Hey guys,

I have a pulley motor mount kit which I bought from Ebay… Unfortunately it doesn’t really fit well with the trucks nor the wheels… Although it can be adjusted to fit the wheel with a big washer on it… But anyways since it doesn’t look very stable and needs further welding job and few more adjustments… And also the motor mount is like aimed for smaller motors than what I have… (Turnigy 6374)

I’ve decided I would prefer ordering a different kit that will include pulleys belt motor mount etc… And to fit it with either, the wheels I have or a new set of wheels.

Can anyone recommend a well build set like this with international shipping?


I sell a brand new pulleykit and motormount

Can you show me how it looks like?

Sounds good, does it include the motor and wheel gears and drive belt? What kind of wheels does it fit on?

Pm instead