Motor mount tips

What do you think about this motor mount?

I’m using a 190kv motor and a VESC. Is this ok?

it looks ok. What trucks have you got. I havent had experience with this mount tho

get some square trucks, this is crap but its workable imo not worth your time


I have paris trucks, is the ratio of 16 to 48 theets good?

Do not buy that motormount, it will shatter in a few weeks. this one is allright, I have this one on my truck with a bigger (selfmade) round steel to hold the motor mount in place (a must have modification)

this motor mount is also made for paris trucks and it looks amazing (and is dirt cheap)

some people are also quite content with the hobbyking mount, for non round trucks.

@dickyho recently designed some mounts for round trucks that look pretty cool…