Motor Mount wanted (Used/New)

Looking for a cheap motor mount, used is fine as long as in good condition. Have a 6374 Motor with Caliber trucks.

What country are you located in?

here you go:

Located in US (California)

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Currently on backorder :(. Do you have any other recommendations?

I have one or two in my garage I can give ya, where you at?

That’d be awesome! PMed you for details

That reminds me, is there an stl for a belt cover for it?

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There is somewhere but I can’t remember where. Let me look

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riiight hereeeeee


This belt cover fits @Jlabs fixed motor mounts?

Made for them!

Nice! Those mounts are designed by @juniorpotato? Maybe @scepterr can print me a couple of those…:wink:

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Juniorpotato designed such mounts like a year or so ago, not sure if Jared is using his deign or not. Belt cover was designed by jackw for potato’s mounts, they fit great!

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Those are for 50mm motors. He’s got 6374 . Won’t work unless he’s got a drill. Also not adjustable