Motor mount with dual idlers

Ok granted I guess I just thought 300 mm cause that’s what the Carvon XL length is, but they have shorter extensions so I could do like 240-250 or so. That’s about the proper length isn’t it?

Like this maybe?

You would have to look at the motor size and the avaliable truck width the add in the motor mounts. Marc will be able to tell you the width of the mounts. I would also make sure the mounts will work with the APS. If not I’m sure Marc would be able to accommodate you with the holes to mount the motors.

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You should be good with the psychotiller RKP set with a 200 mm hanger. It comes with 90 mm axels, and you can use the entire hanger width for motors as the mounts attach to the end of the hanger they dont clamp “onto” the hanger like most traditional set ups.if they APS are ACTUALLY 84mm, no prob.

Look at this picture. Those are Sk3 6374 which are 86 mm length each so I believe already the APS 6384 fit.

Although I don’t know if the width of the belts are 15mm.

You are correct. Running dual APS 6384 side-by-side is possible on TB 218mm, probably require using additional speed washers to push the wheel assembly outward to accommodate 15mm wide belts.

Dual Turnigy SKS 6374s on TB 218mm with 12mm wide belts :point_down: Note: still have ~4mm clearance between motors IMG_2129


…another possibility, no yet explored (Brian… @b264 …almost followed this path) is to get two (2) frontal Evolve Supercarve trucks!

Those trucks are among the widest in the esk8 world, 306 mm total lenght (of which 32 mm correspond to each axle)… that means there are 242 mm of bare truck left to acomodate (inside) the largest motors you may think off.

I just went the other way and got a Supercarve Rear truck to use for the front with Carvon SpeedDrive XL in back. The motor mount brackets might come in handy for mounting lights or a horn, or I can just remove them


And those specific motor mounts will work with these trucks? I really like these trucks so this would be ideal for a 4WD setup with 6384’s.

Using the ESCape’s, what kv would I want to go with considering 4WD 6384’s? There’s 130, 170, and 200kv I believe.

I could do a custom kv also…

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@marcmt88 already proved that (2) two SK3 6374s motors will fit inside TB 218 mm trucks. Now, to fit larger APS 6382s will require wider trucks. Marc himself could help you out designing new custom mounts for such installation (Evolve front truck hanger). Is a matter of sitting and measuring the Evolve bare hanger and comparing how much space left you’ll get by adding mount’s thickness (2), clamps(2), motor lenght (2), wheel pulleys width (2), wheel’s inside lip (2), etc.

So I’d want to go with the front truck, not the rear one that’s setup for a motor mount?

There are already mounts made for the Supercarve rear truck, @marcmt88 has them

So if I want to use the dual belt tensioner from this thread I’d need to use two of the front trucks then?

This post deals with the Evolve trucks, seems they can’t be on the same side I think…

I like that angled one. Like to put four of those on whichever trucks I decide on. I really do like the Evolve ones though, I’ve heard great things about them!

No; you’d have to ask Marc for a special one if you wanted to use it on the Supercarve front truck.

Oh ok. They are $50 per mount, roughly, right.

That’s a question for Marc

Need mounts for e-mtb do yours work with 8” wheels?

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I would need to extend the arm to fit 8" wheel due to the idlers