Motor mounts 45.00 free shipping 50xx,Ollin and 50.00 63xx


USPS tracking 9475703699300196360362

Turns out that is not your tracking number it is the scan number. I was told your tracking is LZ967662345US and should be there by the 28th.

No, but the thought did cross my mind. I wonder if you could run two parallel motors on one esc? Hmmm. Tank tracks come to mind again.

@korryh made me these extra long mounts for my unconventional mountain board build, and was kind enough to add a second set of mounting holes at a standard center to center distance. That way when my project fails or I change my mind, I could use these on another board with regular size wheels, pulleys & belts.

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Oooh, I like the track idea - stand up snowmobile. Would need water proof components. Maybe tracks on front and back.

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@korryh Wow here by the 28th, a lot faster than what I waiter for my space cell from enertion and about the same distance at that.

I don’t get that quick of a timeframe when I ship across the US.

Inventory update

1 - 63xx mount 1 - 30mm for 50xx mount 4 - Ollin 50xx mounts

It will be a few weeks before I can restock - if you need them soon let me know.

hey man, just tried to check the tracking on the parcel, and couldn’t find it, any help?

Making one last order for the year of 50xx and 63xx tomorrow- just trying to see how many. Post here or PM

@TheLastEnting - hey Kai, my littles deleted (or moved and I cant find) about 3 weeks of emails, your tracking was one of them - did you get your mount after we last spoke.

oh damn man, that sucks.

And it hasn’t arrived yet, but i’m expecting it to arrive later today hopefully. I’ll let you know as soon as I have it.

Good luck find the emails if you can

Is it possible to get 2 of the extra long 63mm plates?

Yes, do you want the version above or one without the shortest set of holes. The CTC would be 100mm to 115mm, will this work or do you know what size you are looking for. Do you just want to use the arms/plates and just use the clamps you have or do you need clamp as well

Hey @korryh The mount has arrived, am super happy with it thanks bro and you don’t have to worry about losing the tracking email now either.

Glad to hear it. Lol, Still haven’t found them.

Hey Ed, I have one 63xx mount now and more expected in beginning of next week. Let me check the motor shaft slotted hole and make sure it will clear 10mm. I will get back to you later today.

Update - The mounts from this last order were sent to me today and should be here by Wednesday. I will ship the orders out on Wednesday if they arrive early enough or Thursday if I cant make shipping time.

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The mounts will be in today, if they get in early enough I can send them out today, worst case tomorrow. @Kaden56 when is your break - just need to know whether to send them normal or 2day.

@Bender - your mounts are ready! Yea! they arrived late this evening and just finished up taking the edges off. They are packed up and ready to be shipped. Just need payment and an address.

I have one mount left so I will be making a small order before Christmas. If anyone needs a mount or thinks they will need one before mid December let me know ASAP. You can also put in your special requests like longer arm or stainless arm. After this order I am done till mid January when I have a little more time.