Motor mounts 45.00 free shipping 50xx,Ollin and 50.00 63xx

No problem. Let me know how they work out and when you’re ready to release a pair into the wild. :wink:

if i were to order a mount for caliber trucks today, how long would it take to arrive in NYC?

Hi, I just got then in today and still need to drill and tap holes so I wouldn’t be able to ship till probably Saturday or latest Sunday. You should have it by Wednesday or Thursday.



Do you have any pics of your board with those 113mm wheels? Are they the silver 5 spoke ones? What did you have to do with the bearings to make them work?

I’ll take some tomorrow. Yes the wheels have the 5 spokes. I modeled up some hubs and @idea is printing some pulleys.

Since 12mm id x 22mm od doesn’t exist I had to use 12mm x21mm and use a shi in the wheel so the bearing fits tight.

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Here are some pics of the Trampa short deck with MBS matrix 2 trucks and Razor go Kart wheels at 113mm (4.5") dia and 62mm (2.5") wide. Now I just need @whitepony segmented enclosure and quickly learn how to make a battery from the batteries I bought and good to go.

@Mobutusan - the truck ring fits nicely on the MBS matrix. I am going to drill and tap some holes this week ens and make sure and if all goes well I will order you a pair on monday. Do you want the 63xx arms also or just the rings.


those wheels look pretty cool :grinning:

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That looks really good. Those wheels look like they would work well with some 10mm trucks and bearings, but that’s cool that you’re adapting them to the 12mm trucks. I’m curious to see the finished product.

Out of curiosity, could you measure the inner diameter of the rim of those wheels? I’m thinking it might be possible to modify those to fit onto my Hummie or Jacob hub motors. Any idea what the durometer is?

And as far a the Matrix 2 rings, how much would it cost for just the 2 rings and how much with 2 63xx mount arms also? You can PM me if you like.

Inside dia of the alum ring is 75.2mm (2.96") , inside of just rubber is 81.9mm (3.22").

No idea what the durometer is

The matrix rings are 25.00 each and with 63xx arms are 50.00 (clamp and arm).

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are u still making mounts if so will u ship to ireland im looking for SK3 - 6374-192kv mount to fit caliber truck


@hornet90 can you pm me with a zip code or address so I can get a shipping quote.

One mount, right?

I am putting an order in tomorrow but won’t be able to send them out till the end of the month due to my annoying money making job. I’ll email you when I have them.


1 is right .dublin ireland

Sorry to be a pain do u do them to fit Paris trucks

Lol, no pain. I dot have a Paris version. Caliber seemed the most popular at the time.

Is there any way to get mount with 80-90mm axle to axle? And how big is outer diameter of that clamp piece? And how much it would cost when shipped to Finland?

@Tuomalar - I am not sure what you mean when you say 80 to 90mm axle to axle. the clamp part that connects to the truck is .5" thick with outer dia about 2"and the arm that attaches to the motor is .25" thick.

Ill check on pricing

This x=85mm ±5mm.

ah, gotcha - 1 mount? if so it will be 13.50USD to ship. Let me know ASAP, I was just finished putting an order together and was about to push the send button.

@hornet90 - shipping from Dublin California to Dublin Ireland will be 13.50 for 1 mount.

And mount itself is 50$ for 63xx?