Motor mounts for 50mm Maytech motors/Evolve GT trucks

Anybody ever been able to source or make motor mounts for 50mm Maytech motors to work with Evolve’s GT trucks? I think I can have some made within a couple of months but hoping to get some sooner (bought a pair of 5065 Maytech motors, getting tired of my racerstars)

what do you mean? stock evolve motors are 5065. many people on this forum use maytech 5065 with evolve stock motor mounts. search search search!

EDIT: it seems that I am wrong! people use racestar 5065, not maytech! design is similar, but bolt pattern seems not

I have stock Evolve mounts and the Maytech motors, which do not fit. The screw placement is different.

really? which motors do you have? there are few versions of 5065 motors

Sealed 170kv 5065 motors, I’ve had absolutely no luck finding mounts that work for them

after detailed google search, I found out that there are two versions of sealed maytech 5065 motors. one with just one holes placement and another with two holes placement. I guess you have first one, fit just one option for mounting? maybe it would be best to sell them and buy different version. If you plan to make mounts, I don’t think there will be enough people interested in mounts for just one specific type of motor for just one specific trucks.

Could you link me to any of what you found? If I can buy these motors with the correct mounting then that’d be amazing after all the dilemma so far

it seems I was wrong about maytech motors.

people use racestar 5065 and they should fit like stock. few build:

or you could get just motor mounts from Unik: - they are out of stock, but maybe someone on forum is selling them. you can fit 63xx motors on them, but yours could work to.

I actually never thought about 50mm fitting the 63mm motor mounts, will have to ask a seller of them actually now. Cheers.

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