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Motor Mounts for Paris Trucks

I’ve been looking at Motor Mount threads and I’ve seen that most mounts done to Paris trucks require some modification or people just choose to weld the mounts to the trucks? Are there any purchasable clamp mounts for Paris trucks or am I better off welding a mount?

Thanks, but those say they work for Paris 195 trucks. I have Paris 180s.

They work for 180mm, as well.

Oh, alright. Thanks.

With modification

What type of modification?

I can’t speak for this motor mount specifically, but with most every other motor mount for paris 180mm trucks you need to grind down the axel to a perfect circle so clamp on to.

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Paris trucks are slightly conical, it prevents the motor mount from getting a good bite on the trucks.

I slapped the hanger in a lathe and removed some material, then i cut slit in a tube that fit perfectly on the truck. By doing this i don’t need to use any set screws on the hanger and the motor mount is perfectly perpenticular to the hanger

@trbt555 did a similar mod, but used a drill press. But i can’t find his build thread

The RIPBA mounts do not clamp. They cup the end of the truck and the wheel holds them straight while two set screws secure them in place.