Motor mounts for Ronin truck

Hello everyone, I have CNC motor mounts to fit Ronin truck. These mounts will work for wheel size ranging from 83 to 107mm and can be customized to fit larger wheels. The clamp is 3/8" (~10mm) thick, the motor arm is 3/16" (~5mm) thick with integrated dual idlers. This mount can be fitted with 50xx or 63xx motors by any manufacturer. The price is $60 per set. It includes 1 clamp, 1 universal motor arm and all stainless hardware.


Have you tested this mount. Doesn’t seem to be enough room to mount a wheel let alone one with a pulley.

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Mount can be slide along the axle to allow room for wheel and pulley.

by how much though? It seems like the hangar gets wider and it wouldnt fit.

Could you upload pics with the mount as far in as possible?

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Have you personally tested sliding this mount in and mounting a 15mm pulley. If it was that easy everyone would be making mounts for these trucks

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Not available to upload a picture right now. Will have one later today.

yeah i’m not really seeing this work so well either in my head. Unless we have pics of a pulley on it with a belt and everything minus the wheel, i’m going to stick with my plan of turning the hangers.

I want these to work so bad but I can’t be first lol

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Truck can be set up to run dual 50xx motors, additional pics with pulleys and 83mm wheel:


Hey bro, as requested check out Ronin truck with pulley on 83mm wheel.

Here are additional pics with pulley running on 83mm wheel

What is the fun in it if it is easy to do??:slight_smile:

Yeah, thats a negative ghost rider. Those two aren’t even aligned… Try putting a belt on there and running it

Yeah and is the nut even on the axle? I dont see how this works.

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This is how this works:


want to see a dual 15mm wide belts on dual setup???


Running dual 5045s vs single Turnigy 6386 (6374 kv192)


Can they ying-yang mount a dual?

You would need to specify that when ordering.

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