Motor mounts kits for Trampa ATB and MBS Matrix (old type), Matrix II, ATS

Do you offer inly this version for Trampa Carver or also the previous version. This was smaller without the extra crossbars.

@ron13 Yes. You have an urban or street carver?

Can you andonize the kit?

@mikenyc Not yet

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@idea how is the performance of the ATS vs Matrix II? Which do you prefer?

@Sender Matrix II is a better choice


The ATS is a skate truck that only need a 15 degrees riser if you use a straight board. The Matrix is for use with a MTB type that already has an angled tale and noze, as it requires to be mounted at 35deg. In terms of performance you will find the same difference as in between a longboard and a MTB. Springs trucks tends to be easier to turn and adjust.


I consider urban carver build.

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Hello i have a question will the Pulley 72T HTD5M fiton this wheel? i can buy a board complete with those wheels but do not know for sure they will fit its a trampa.wheels thank you



@These hubs have a smaller hole spacing, the standard pulley will not fit I would have to make a special version for you

I have a mtb Scrub with the same wheels.

I also have a pair of scrub trucks with those wheels

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@Idea could you check your PM please

@eLDoska Sorry for my late reply. I have not checked messages for several days …

@wheely @banjaxxed I once did a pulleys and motor mounts for scrub trucks and scrub hubs


That’s cool, iirc the trampa hanger is only a little narroer than one side of the scrub, so a few minutes with a file could get you there too. Was going to do this then found real trampa

I would like to buy a single motor mount and clamp ring for MBS ATS trucks. May I have the price plus shipping to California? Zip code: 92107

hello i have an mountain board with mbs matrix 2 trucks… i would like a set the motor mounts please!! pm me please gr sam

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Hi Tom, question about this kit.

Does the mount above fit on this old version of the matrix truck with the plastic top truck?

Oh… i have Rockstar pro Hubs on my Matrix, not Twistar hubs like in the picture.