Motor Mounts Scraping Need Help!

I just got my awesome motor mounts in from @psychotiller today, and I cannot find a position where the end of the board either won’t scrape the outside of the motor casing, or where the motor mount won’t scrape the ground on small bumps. If anyone has run into this before, or has an idea on how to fix it, any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!

I just found a set of 107mm 74a Flywheels on eBay, so those will give me an extra 1cm, but I’m not sure that’s going to be enough

get rough stuff wheel. those are 110mm and cheaper.

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The TKPS are lower than most tkp trucks on the market. Which gives you 3 choices.

  1. Top mount that deck and raise the mounts up.
  2. Figure out a way to plate the cutout and move your truck mount holes to the end of that deck, and then raise those motor mounts up!
  3. Cut the tail end of that deck off. And raise those motor mounts up!

The third choice is my favorite if you have enough clearance under there for your enclosure.


@onepunchboard I’ll look into those, I already have those Flywheels on order though

@psychotiller These trucks are awesome by the way, and they feel great. I might have to switch to tighter bushings, but they’re good for now. I was looking at the deck and it looks like I could cut the end off diagonally, which would let me get about 1cm more clearance. Right now I have almost exactly 1cm of clearance, so between those 1cm larger wheels, and cutting the end of the deck off I should triple my clearance.

Does anyone know what the average clearance of these boards is? Also on an unrelated note do you know of a good enclosure that’s about 24in x 7.5in x or so? I need to fit a 10s5p pack as well as 2 FOCBOXes and a BMS

There’s this @psychotiller guy, he sells enclosures made by @psychotiller @



@scepterr never heard of him :grimacing: He must be pretty new or something

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Okay haha what I mean has anyone had a similar amount of stuff packed in a box and if so who’s special box did they use because my “kydex and a heatgun” looks like absolute garbage

Lol, he does have 2 or 3 that fit your needs

Yeah lol I just saw it, okay haha, so last dumb question, will the “signature low pro 24” fit all of that? I mean a measured everything out and it should be good. I just want to make sure I buy the right one.

I’m pretty confident it could fit that, I’de still wait for @psychotiller to confirm though

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@psychotiller ?? …what @psychotiller ?? …we make the @psychotiller !!”

(@psychotiller Bonaparte)

you could flip the mount arm around so that the rounded edge is facing up and the pointed edge is facing down?

@pixelsilva are you trying to get a hold of @psychotiller? I think @psychotiller said he had to go make some more imaginary enclosures for that @ThermalM16 guy since @scepterr pointed out he makes flat plastic into shaped plastic

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I thought about that, but the bottom of it protects the motor housing to an extent, so that would make the motor take 100% of the beating

Is Chritsmas party here in Frisco. 'am just pulling @psychotiller leg. Merry Christmas boyyyy!!

I think those mounts are worth more than your tiny motors from banggood :stuck_out_tongue:

I do know a guy! If you are rocking a flat pack (No stacked cells or anything piggybacking the pack, the signature low pro will fit everything. Make sure you have the flat area to accommodate 24" length though. If not, I can make it the length you need…Ask LHB’s Mom


Hey! Those motors are from AliExpress, I’m high class :laughing:, but those motors are just until I get the hang of not crashing and eating shit haha. Then I’m placing an order for 200 6365 Maytech motors so I can get my custom color scheme on them. I guess I’ll just have to throw the extra 198 out since I doubt anyone would want them :joy:

hahaha! I’m just giving you shit. Can’t wait to see them!

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