Motor not spinning, faulty DRV

Hi. I have a vesc that I got from Ollin board last year, it broke at the beginning of the summer and I sent it back under the warranty for a free repair.

Now after almost three months without it(!!!), I finally got it back. But after plugging it in to do the motor configuration it had the same error. I don’t wanna have to send it back since that took way to long and don’t really have the money for a new vesc. Is there something that I can do to reset the faults since I can’t see any burn marks on the chip.

The vesc is running fw 3.102 in BLDC mode. When powered up but not trying to rotate it does not give me any error but when trying to run this is the error I get: Screenshot_5

and here are the settings: Screenshot_6 Screenshot_7 Screenshot_8

Is there some setting that is wrong? I noticed in the terminal window that there is a drv reset but the command is not found… Screenshot_9

Thank you!

Looks like the drv is again or still blown. You can try to find somebody local replace the drv. Repair is usually around 35€ something like this.

Yeah, I’ve contacted Ollin Boards to ask if it even was tested before sending back but normally takes them 3-4 emails before they replies…

I don’t know from where you are, but @Martinsp can repair 4.12hw vescs. Maybe it’s an option for you.

Sweden, do you know where @Martinsp is located?

Not sure though, but here the link to the Webshop


Thank you for the mention @Andy87 I do repair all versions of VESCs.

I am located in Slovakia, central Europe. @myhrmans