Motor not working

Hi, I am not sure is the mistake in motor or speed controler. Can I test motor with 3 wires to one smaller baterry which have only (-) and (+)?

No, not a good idea.

What motor? What esc? How are you connecting them?

never do that


Motor 170KV C6374 and SC from Here .

connect 2 phases to a battery for a short time if it stutters it should work it will throw a spark tho

I test on 6V and it moves a few milimeters, several times. That means that motor is alive :slight_smile: Thank you.

Let’s call the phase wires “A”, “B”, and “C”

To test it:

  1. Verify the motor spins free with A,B,C unconnected
  2. Verify connecting A to B causes pulsing brake
  3. Verify connecting B to C causes pulsing brake
  4. Verify connecting A to C causes pulsing brake
  5. Verify connecting A to B to C causes smooth, strong brake
  6. Never connect the motor leads to DC power or anything except a BLDC controller

Also 2, 3, and 4 should feel identical if the motor doesn’t have any issues. Any differences here indicate a defect.

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I test it with speed controller and working fine. Thanks guys.