Motor options by category

I am trying to compile the motor options people have on the market today. There are 3 main caterories which I see Budget: <$80 per motor Race star Keda Propdrive Mid-range: $80-$120 per motor Torqueboards Sk3 Sk8 APS May tech Flipsky Performance: >$120 per motor

I’d also like to hear about the reliability of these motor manufacturers as it seems like loose magnets has become a big problem recently. Post below your options

I would include as min APS, Maytech and Flipsky motors too

The reliability of a motor also has a lot to do with whether you take it apart and waterproof the sensor assembly. Regardless of brand.

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@Andy87 I believe those are all in the mid category, no?

@b264 I have never done that because I’ve only worked with torqueboards who already waterproof it.

APS yes, Maytech and Flipsky i can´t say. Never looked up price

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Maytech is high/mid end for.price and quality

Depends where you order from


And just to note that the sk3 is on sale for like $60 right now

So one of the best motors out there is probably the cheapest out there

Add 10% off using HOBBYKING10 and then you have 2 motors for like £81


Maybe This would be of some help

I’ve got sk8’s sk3’s tb 6374’s Maytech 6355’s (i think, they’ve been in a drawer for a year) and a pair of rspec enertions which I have yet to try. Out of all of the ones I’ve used my favs are the sk3’s to date. Stay the coolest under pressure and just work come rain or shine. They make one of the best sounds in esk8 imo. Sensors to me are a waste of time and just something else to go wrong. My sk3 set up hill starts with very little cogging so I just don’t see the need.

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chrome chrome

I think more people need to know about this sale… sure it happens once a year but still


Does sk3 fit @psychotiller mounts?

Like bolt pattern ? Or just dual in general

Bolt pattern and dual also

Bolt pattern should work.

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is there any 63xx motor with different bolt pattern?

Sk3 is 32mm. Should I get these for 50€ each and sacrifice sensors, keyway, silicon wires, closed can? Or should wait for Black Friday deals from esk8 vendors on maytechs?


The closed can is a little bit of a gimmick and does more harm than good. But you are sacrificing the sensors and keyway. And silicone wires you can also add, same with sensors but idk


sk8 has no keyway too, i think. but the sk8 190kV is stronger than the tb 6380 170kV… as min that´s what they write on the hk website…

Sk8 has keyway :slight_smile:

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