Motor options for speed

Hello ! I’ve made a previous topic before but I was wonder what do you guys think of TB 6374 190kv motor vs carvon motor , I’ve bin running dual 6355 190kv motors from TB with 10s and well my area is quite flat just 2 big hills and I was not happy with the speed I was achieving , so I got 12s lipo was faster but not fast enough , I know right speed freak , so I came to ask should I go TB 6374 190kv ? Would it make a difference or should I wait for carvon 4,s to be sold I can do a 4wd set up , I messaged them on instagram and I didn’t get a price for the motors but they did say by the end of the year they’ll be out

and for you who say get a lower gear ratio I did am running 15/36 with 97mm ABEc wheels , I weight 160lb , future plans is to buy a 12s5p

Go for a higher kv motor, 200kv+. 230kv should be good. Use this:

I used to run a single 6355 230kv that would put me up to 26 mph. I also used to run a TB 6374 190kv and it had more torque but about the same top speed. My current board single motor 5065 200kv is faster than my other board with a 6364 170kv motor.

230kv on 12s is way over the erpm limit of a vesc4