Motor power help

Hey can anyone help, Im building an e longboard and have been having trouble getting the speed up, I am using two 3s 5000 man lipos and a 6374 190kv motor from torqueboards, and the motor just isn’t going fast enough, I am familiar with bdlc tool and have configured it to what i think is correct, any suggestions? More power, different motor, or vesc configuration error?

Are you running your batteries in a parallel or series configuration? Also, 190kv isn’t going to be fast even if you series up your batteries @6s

I suggest you to do the kv math and see if you get the RPM in the realtime data you calculated. If you do then you have to increase voltage to get more RPM. Or if you want more speed you can change your gearing ratio.

Also, post pictures of configuration.

Batteries are in parallel, i will post pics in a sec

at that low voltage you will get 2394 RPM @4.2V so there is your problem :smiley:

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so do i just need more power?

well more importantly you need more voltage to get more RPM. try connecting the batteries in series (and adjust your values in BLDC correctly) you should get twice the RPM.

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OK thanks :grinning:

No problem :slight_smile: