Motor power trouble (SOLVED)

I am having an issue where my motor just doesn’t spin fast enough, I have tried many different settings on the vesc to try and help it but it just isn’t going that fast. I am wondering if my power supply (3 5000mah batteries) isn’t enough to power the motor efficiently but that doesn’t seem like that would be the case. The motor spins decently fast with no load but when I connect the wheel it just doesn’t spin fast (2-5mph) (3-8kph). Help is appreciated thanks. My set up Torqueboards vesc 3 5000 mah batteries in parallel 6374 190 kv torqueboards motor 80mm wheels with 20 tooth motor pulley and 74(counting may be off a little bit) tooth wheel pulley.

What voltage are you batteries not clear from the description also include screenshots of your VESC configuration, could be low voltage cut off or some other limits.

3 11.1v batteries so 33.3v

So 3 3S LiPo batteries in series (you said parallel but think you mean in series if you’re adding the voltages)

Yes series my bad

3s batteries in parallel should give you 11.1V not 33V to get 33V they need to be in series.

If they’re in parallel you’re not getting 33.3v

If it is 3 3S LiPo in series it’s effectively 9S you should be able to check the voltage with a voltmeter on the leads going into the VESC. Battery cut offs look okay though…

Your battery max seems really low why 25A ? If they are say 20C batteries you can pull 20*5Ah = 100A from them “safely”. VESC can’t handle that continuously but should protect itself in terms of thermal cut off if things are getting too toasty.

Edit this is a bad idea.

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Please Don’t it’s playing with fire… 25A to 40A is more than enough, best thing to do is starting at 25A and then if you don’t feel like having enough torque, then ramp up the current little by little…

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Hmm yeah fair didn’t meant to imply setting it up to 100A right away but saw a few other threads that it helped to bump that up for better performance. If it’s only going 5mph though sounds like something else is wrong at 9S with 25A you’d be pushing 825W through the system so you should be moving faster than 5mph.

Yeah… and that why we might need more screen shot and picture @DaffieT

Also @DaffieT connect the vesc to the bldc tool and go on the tab “Realtime Data” and then check the box in the right corner “activate sampling” then take a screen shoot.

Sorry for replying so late. had a dinner

also i amped it up to 40a

OK… so your batteries are in parallel… so you are running at 12V instead of 33V… you have to pu your batteries in series to gain some speed

Hmmm, I guess I mad a big mistake, ill draw my setup one sec.

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Your Drawing look good, can you poste some picture of your connection ?

Looks like you made a series circuit then added it to another series circuit which should be fine but there’s sort of an extra connector in there it could also just be one negative lead from first battery then positive to negative from one battery to the next until you get to the last battery and you have the positive from that one to connect to the VESC.

Need pictures of the real thing like @JohnnyMeduse said shouldn’t be showing 12V in the realtime data

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can you give me a visual?

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