Motor problems new bulit

Hello everyone, my first post here, and also my first post in my non native language.

So first of all, I am finishing my eboard righ now, I don’t have a lot of money , so I have buyed cheap parts.

The motor is a 6368 280kv, and the ESC is a racestar 120A. powered by 6s.

The problem is in the motor, and only happen when I am stop, once I am moving it has a lot of power. It is not a problem from the best. my gear ratio is 15/40

I think that it will be a problem of high kv of the motor it self, also it doesn’t have a lot of power of braking. Thats a esc problem I gues

I let you a video so you can wahch.

thank you all

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I think it is just a bit of motor cogging but I can’t be sure, this will happen on senseless setups sometimes, and even sometimes with sensors. The way to fix this is to give the board a little kick push to get it moving and then hit the throttle. The kick push will not only prevent the cogging, but ultimately save you a bit of battery life. You could also try switching the phase wires around to get a smoother start up but this probably won’t help very much although it is worth a shot.

As @Smorto said, you need to push off manually and then hit the throttle. Switching your motor wires around won’t help and could cause your motors to run reverse direction.

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Just bought the same motor, is it good? Does it overheat and whats your top speed?

Top speed is around 25 MPH but it varies depending on rider weight and battery size. No problems with my motor though.

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