Motor Protection/Enclosure/Shield

Hey there fellow builders! Two weeks ago I went to try an electric skateboard from @susplus but something terrible happened… A small rock went into the Turnigy SK3 we were using and completely ruined the wiring. After this accident we set out to create a shield for the motor, but we’d like some input from the community. I’ll link the google Drive link so you guys can give some feedback on the designs we have now! We printed out model 3 but we thought it was a bit too thin so we’re still looking for a better solution.

Google Drive Motor Designs (.stl)

Maybe put some pictures so people don’t have to view it on a computer, just view it from mobile device. Sounds cool!

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@lox897: true. Here are some pics. The motor protection will go on every SK3 motor. I checked The HobbyKing site and all Sk3 have the same diameter.

Initial thickness was about 2mm but the 3d print that i received ( used 3dhubs…pla material ) was rather to thin and did not seem to be that sturdy…working on improvements…

think about heat! a cap like that out of aluminium would be ideal

Aluminium would be ideal, but getting it in the exact right form is kind of hard :wink: