Motor pulley 15mm 15t 10mm bore + two 15mm belts + free wheel pulley [EU]

15mm wasn’t working for me due to space so I’m selling some of the parts as a ‘kit’ Everything is new, except for the wheel pulley that is used for some fitting. So nothing has been out on the streets.

  • 15mm wide 15t 10mm bore motor pulley (bought from
  • two 15mm belts HTD265-5M (bought from APS)

And free (cause I can’t sell these 3D prints due to licence) to complete the set is an ABEC 11 Flywheels & Clones 36 Tooth Lock Nut Pulley for 15mm Belt with thick wheel cover. Printed with white PLA 100% infill.

I was thinking about 25 euro total (excl. shipping)